The fourth angel sounded (Revelation 8:12)


And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

Revelation 8:12 - King James



⚪ The Baptist sectarian movement began

Rev. 8 [...]
8:12. And the fourth angel sounded. - The Baptist sectarian movement began, resulting In Baptist Churches North, Baptist Churches South, Baptist Churches Colored, Seventh-Day Baptists, General Baptists, Separate Baptists, United Baptists, Baptist Church of Christ, Primitive Baptist Church, Primitive Colored Baptist Church, Old Two Seed In the Spirit Predestinarian Baptist Church, Church of Ood and Saints of Christ, Mennonltes, Six Principle Baptist Church, Free Baptist Church, Freewill Baptist Church—not forgetting the Selfwlll Baptist Church, which also has a large membership, but Is not listed.—1 Cor. 3:3.

Source : 🇺🇸 1917 - Studies in the Scriptures, Vol 7, The finished mystery, page 152 + Cover


⚫ Angelic message received and adopted by witnesses in Indianapolis in August 1925


Jehovah continuing to direct the movement of his organization, the fourth angel of the Lord sounds his trumpet: [...]
God directed his angel, the fourth, to sound, and directed his people on earth, as members of his organization, to take up the message sounded and herald it on. In August, 1925, at a general convention of God's people assembled at Indianapolis, a resolution "Message of Hope" was unanimously adopted which, together with the supporting discourse, "A Standard for the People," was heralded by word of mouth and by radio and by the printed copies to millions of people throughout the earth.

Source : 🇺🇸 1930 - Light, vol 1, page 129 + Cover