To whom is the voice coming from the golden altar? (Revelation 9:13)


And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,

Revelation 9:13 - King James



⚪ It is the voice of William Miller

Rev. 9 [...]
And I heard a voice.William Miller, from A. D. 1829 to 1844.
From [the four horns of] the golden altar which Is before God. —."The Golden Altar In the 'Holy' would seem to represent the 'little flock,' the consecrated Church in the present sacrificing condition."—T120.

Source : 🇺🇸 1917 - Studies in the Scriptures, Vol 7, The finished mystery, page 163 + Cover


⚫ It is the voice of Jesus

Rev. 9 [...]
Note that at the sound of the sixth angel a voice is heard from among the four horns of the golden altar. (Rev. 9:13, Roth.) It must therefore be a voice of one of Jehovah's organization, to wit, Christ Jesus, the great Priest of the Most High, who gives it, because it comes from all parts of the altar, the place of sacrifice, and Christ is the one great sacrifice for all.

Source : 🇺🇸 1930 - Light, Vol 1, page 158 + Cover