⚪ Vaccination is a bad thing :

Vaccination never prevented anything and never will, and is the most barbarous practice of an otherwise civilized nation.

Source : 🇺🇸 The Golden Age, October 12 1921, page 17

Vaccination summed up is the most unnatural, unhygienic, barbaric, filthy, abhorrent, and most dangerous system of infection known. Its vile poison taints, corrupts, and pollutes the blood of the healthy, resulting in ulcers, syphilis, scrofula, erysipelas, tuberculosis, cancer, tetanus, insanity, and death.

Source : 🇺🇸 The Golden Age, January 1 1923, page 214



Source : 🇺🇸 The Golden Age, 30-03-1932, page 409 + Big size

Goes to Jail Fourteen Times
John Marsh, of South Middleton township, Pa., preferred repeated jail sentences to having his children vaccinated. He was a wise father.

Source : 🇺🇸 The Golden Age, March 28 1934, page 408 + Cover

"The court has no more right to vaccinate my child than to insert a knife in them. "I am a true Christian and know and study the law of Jehovah God, which is the Bible. The law of Jehovah God is against the intermingling of animal matter with any human blood, as is stated in Leviticus, Chapter 18. The life is in the blood, and as vaccination is a direct injection of animal matter in the blood stream, vaccination is a direct violation of the holy law of Jehovah God.

Source : 🇺🇸 The Golden Age, 24 avril 1935, page 465



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⚫ Vaccination is not a bad thing

Wanneer wij ons leven verliezen, doordat wij weigeren, inspuitingen te laten maken, dient zulks niet tot een getuigenis ter rechtvaardiging van Jehova's Naam. God heeft nooit bepalingen uitgevaardigd die het gebruik van medicijnen, inspuitingen of bloedtransfusie verbiedt. Het is een uitvinding van menschen, die gelijk de Farizeën Jehova's barmhartigheid en liefde buiten beschouwing laten. Jehova te dienen met geheel ons verstand beteekent niet ons verstand uit te schakelen; vooral dan niet, als het om een menschenleven gaat, dat Jehova toegewijd en daarom heilig is.

Source : 🇳🇱 "Vertroosting" (the Dutch version of "Consolation"), Septembre 1945, n 109, page 29 + Cover | Download here

Translation : 🇺🇸 "When we lose our life because we refuse inoculations, that does not bear witness as a justification of Jehovah's name. God never issued regulations which prohibit the use of drugs, inoculations or blood transfusions. It is an invention of people, who, like the Pharisees, leave Jehovah's mercy and love aside"

Vaccination is not a violation of God's agreement (but a health risk)

[...] When such officials adamantly refuse to respect their right to refuse vaccinations for their children, the parents must decide whether to let their children be vaccinated so as to remain in school or to find some other way to get them educated. The issue for such persons is not a religious one but one of health risks.
[...] There can be little doubt that vaccinations appear to have caused a marked decrease in the number of people contracting certain contagious diseases. During the first thirty years of this century there were thousands of smallpox cases in the United States. From 1920 to 1930 alone, they ran from 30,000 to 100,000 annually, but in recent years there have been only about 55 cases of smallpox annually, with no deaths. Vaccinations also appear to have caused a decline in polio.

Source : 🇺🇸 Awake!, Aug. 22, 1965, page 20