Can We Pray to Jesus?



⚪ We can pray to Jesus

In one respect many of Christendom could learn numerous important lessons from these wise Gentiles... They worshiped him in three senses of the word: (1) They fell before him, prostrated themselves, thus physically expressing their reverence. (2) They worshiped him in their hearts and with the tongue gave expression to their rejoicing and confidence. (3) They opened their treasure-box and presented to him three gifts appropriate to royalty: the myrrh representing submission, frankincense representing praise, gold representing obedience.

Source : 🇺🇸 Zion's Watch Tower 1906 January 1 p.15

It is undoubtedly proper enough for us to address petitions to our Redeemer and Advocate, who loved us and gave himself for us... Although we are nowhere instructed to make petitions to him, it evidently could not be improper so to do; for such a course is nowhere prohibited, and the disciples worshiped him. - Matt. 28: 9, 17.

Source : 🇺🇸 Zion's Watch Tower May 15 1892, page 157


⚫ We cannot pray to Jesus

Jesus did not teach them to pray to himself, nor to his human mother Mary, nor to any other person. Jehovah is all-powerful, all-wise, perfect in justice and in love. So, why should we go to any lesser person?

Source : 🇺🇸 1968 - The truth that leads to eternal life, page 152 + Cover