The date of the resurrection of the sleeping saints



⚫ Resurrection of the saints in 1878 :

And since the resurrection of the church must occur some time during this "end" or "harvest" period (Rev. 11:18), we hold that it is a most reasonable inference, and one in perfect harmony with all the Lord's plan, that in the spring of 1878 all the holy apostles and all "overcomers" of the Gospel age who slept in Jesus were raised spiritual beings, like unto their Lord and Master. And while we, therefore, conclude that their resurrection is now an accomplished fact, and hence that they as well as the Lord are present in the earth, the fact that we do not see them is no obstacle to faith when we remember that like their Lord they are now spiritual beings, and like him invisible to men.

Source : 🇺🇸 1891 (1st-ed) - MILLENNIAL DAWN, Vol III, Thy Kingdom Come, page 234

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⚪ Resurrection of the saints in 1918

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Though the apostles and other chosen ones were received into the covenant for the Kingdom or heavenly church, they were not immediately taken to heaven and united with the Head of "the church". They slept in the grave until the first resurrection at the coming of Christ Jesus to Jehovah's temple in 1918, when they were raised to glory with the Head of "the church" .

Source : 🇺🇸 1946 - Let God Be True, page 112 + Cover